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Body Gym
Custom workout routines that generate new brain cells by boosting BDNF - "Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor."

My Brain Type Test
A scientific assessment of your brain that provides you with a customized Brain Training Program.

Food & Exercise Journals
Help you track and measure your progress.

24/7 Brain Gym
A full featured Brain Gym with over 30 Games and Apps to boost your Focus, Attention, Memory and Creativity.

12 Week Journey
We hold your hand showing you how to get the most from the website so you can improve your Brain and your Life!

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Brain Healthy Recipes
Recipes, Tips and Motivation from Tana Amen, "The Brain Doctor's Wife."

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The Personalized Brain Enhancement Program Based on Your Specific Brain Type

"I'm growing everyday by participating in the 12 Week Journey and it's truly helping me get my life back! After an injury last year and chronic stress, your program has changed my life! A sincere thank you!"

- Natalie

“It works! Optimize your brain... and willpower, priorities, and focus are yours! I’ve lost 35 pounds and I’m looking at another 25, and I know I can do it!”

- Allie

Success Stories

“After starting on the supplements for my brain type, I lost 13 pounds in less than three weeks. It has been effortless. My cravings are gone, and my impulsive compulsive eating behavior is gone.”

- Brad

"It's amazing to finally discover that the reason you can't lose weight isn't because you aren't trying hard enough, it's because your brain needs a little help."

- Rob

(It only takes about a minute)

“I have really noticed my memory retention getting better and my ability to recall information quicker. Also I feel that my energy level has increased, and don't get tired as much. I'm looking forward to continuing the supplements because I really feel that they are helping to improve my physical and personal life, so I am really excited about the future. Thanks again for all your help.”

- C.C.

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your incredible program. I had my brain scan 1 month ago and the progress has been nothing short of amazing. My ability to retain and remember things has drastically improved as well. Simple things like remembering where I parked my car the night before is easy for me to recall. I also enjoy actually retaining the information I read in books, and I can now have intellectual conversation and healthy debates on topics without memory lapses leading to complete frustration. I cannot thank you enough for everything, so far.”

- Phil D.

“Wow! What a change in my life. I had been seriously ill for the most part of the previous 10 years and had undergone many surgeries. I was very sick, very tired, had reached appoint of depression and felt my life was no more useful. I no longer enjoyed life. My doctor had reached the decision that I needed “shock treatments”; however, I simply refused.

It has been six months since I visited the Amen Clinics. I am now off all of my prescription medications, I have lost 35 pounds, my vital signs are great and I am able to work 10 - 12 hours a day (even physical work, such as, carpentry work and yard work). I enjoy life today as I did more than 10 years ago. I believe with all my heart that my visit to the Amen Clinics saved my life; therefore, I hope to share my experience with others who are going through health difficulties. There is always hope.”

- Mark B.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Alex has never been better. I feel like his real personality and his soul have been released. He is happy! He is at peace. He doesn't worry, panic or over-react. He tells me about his day, he is funnier and more perceptive than ever. He is meeting the challenges of school without frustration. Socially, he is thriving. The 'before' picture and the 'after' picture of our life is striking.”

- Gilian T., A Grateful Mother

“Thanks so much for your life changing insights! My son, age 13, was struggling in school, mostly C's, a couple of D's which is alarming because he is really bright. All his teachers said although he was a polite kid, he was having trouble focusing and staying on task, and frequently "spaced" homework assignments. At home he was argumentative, complained about not being able to focus on homework, and had begun looking for disagreements with his little brother which was out of character. We followed your recommendations and limited TV and video games to no more than a combined total of 1/2 hour per day. We upped his exercise opportunities and put him on supplements you recommended, with a high protein breakfast and regular protein snacks throughout the day. He now has straight "A's" in all of his classes, is listening really well at home and is getting along much better with his brother. We are very grateful!”

- Fatima D.

"I want to share my appreciation with you for your help with my patient Virginia and her son. Prior to their visit to Amen Clinic, the son, an obviously bright child, was close to failing in school. His behavior at home was out of control, hyperactive and obsessive compulsive. His parents were distraught. His teachers frustrated. His peers shunned him.

On SPECT scan he showed diffuse overactivity with underactivity in his pre-frontal cortex. Your recommendation has worked wonderfully. On his last report card he was one percentage point short of receiving all A’s. Hi is also running for a Secretary position in his class. And, needless to say, his parents are much happier and his behavior at home has normalized. Thank you for your invaluable assistance.”

- Dennis R., M.D., A professional colleague